Our company offers professional and comprehensive solutions of electronic modules assembly as well as the final assembly. We provide some of the most complex and advanced solutions in contractual electronic assembly in the world.

We employ exceptionally well trained staff, employing the requirements of IPC-A-610D standard (assembly of electronic circuits quality) and have many years of experience.

In order to maintain the highest quality of assembled devices, all assembly halls have EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area) zones, created to eliminate electrostatic discharges, to protect against damage very sensitive electronic components.


Offer includes:

  • full customer service in technical preparation scope
  • automatic surface assembly – in lead-tin and lead-free technologies. We install components in sizes from 01005 (0402 metric) to 70 × 140mm
  • manual assembly of SMD and THT elements
  • assembly using glue
  • assembly using solder paste
  • inter-operational checks during the production process, ensuring the high quality of service
  • use of professional metal templates, laser cut, for application of solder paste
  • protecting packages with protective coatings
  • electrical and functional tests of assembled packages on specialized production testers
  • heating of packages
  • storage of components in climate chambers
  • packing the components (after production) in vacuum packaging , to protect against the moisture
  • help in solving production-technological problems related to the product

By entrusting us with the assembly you receive specific benefits:

  • production of products from documentation to finished product in one company and in one place
  • unique possibility of assembling components on a PCB, with a maximum size of 500mmx1450mm
  • purchase of materials and components directly from the manufacturers, with larger discounts due to the scale of our production
  • the elements are stored for no longer than two years, which guarantees their reliability
  • lead time adjusted to the Client’s needs
  • storage of products, components and materials at Nord Electronics Solutions which significantly reduces your costs
  • distribution on the territory of Poland, Europe and worldwide
  • service of devices

In order to appraise our service, please provide:

  • Gerber files of project
  • BOM list (with specified values, tolerances and type of casings)
  • information about the size of the order
  • information about additional services

SMT assembly

This is a method, that we have been offering for many years, of producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit board (PCB). SMD elements are mounted on a printed circuit with a solder paste in the case of reflow soldering, or glue in the case of wave soldering

We deal with mass production (short and medium series) and the prototype one, for a broad range of customers with different requirements. Monthly production capacity is 4 million items..

We offer SMT assembly, in accordance with international IPC standards, which concern quality in the field of electronics production. In addition, our products meet the RoHS standards and also additional requirements that the Customer expects.

Assembly is made of components provided by the Customers or collected on our own, based on the specification provided by the Customer. SMD assembly is performed using adhesives and high quality solder paste. We put protective coatings on the assembled systems, in the form of varnishes, silicones, latex and other coatings indicated by the Customer.

We have a high quality and very flexible automated production line, which was created to meet the requirements of the widest possible range of Customers.

  • Pick&Place robots:
    • I-PULSE S20 with 45,000CPH capacity
    • I-PULSE M20 with 23,000CPH capacity
  • Stencil printers:
    • fully automatic Speedprint SP710
    • semi-automatic Uniprint GO23
  • Reflow ovens:
    • ERSA HOTFLOW 3/20e with 10 zones
    • ERSA HOTFLOW 3/14e with 7 zones

THT assembly

The trough-hole technology (THT) is the classic type of circuit board assembly techniques. The drilled and connected drill holes, which are coated with a copper sleeve, serve as the electrical connection between component and circuit board. The component is put through the drill by a pin or a lead and the two parts are finally soldered together. In case of THT assembly, electronic components can be soldered manually, using a soldering iron, or by wave soldering. Wave soldering is a large-scale soldering process by which electronic components are soldered to a printed circuit board (PCB) to form an electronic assembly. The name is derived from the use of waves of molten solder to attach metal components to the PCB.

We offer lead and lead-free soldering, manual or with a soldering unit. Our staff is highly qualified and participates in regular trainings on IPC standards, both internal and external ones, carried out by certified companies.

The scope of our services includes not only the assembly of components, but also a comprehensive service of the final assembly of the ready to sale product to the end Customer. This includes, for example, the production of PCBs, electronic assembly, programming, testing, assembly of the casing (devices), sticking labels, packing and shipping.

We have:

  • ERSA ETS-330 wave soldering system – medium-wave preheating zone 800mm long and PCB working width max. 330mm
  • workstations for manual soldering of components
  • Industrial ESD safe brushless SUMAKE screwdrivers with torque in range 0.20~1.18Nm for final assembly
  • Industrial torque meter for repeatable and precise assembly

We also offer the application of protective coatings in order to protect electronic systems against damage and the impact of the environment. We apply various protective coatings for printed circuits and electronic components, such as silicone, latex and varnish.