§1. General provisions

  1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale, hereinafter referred to as “GTC”, specify the principles under which “the Buyer” will order, and Nordes Sp. z o.o., based in Wrocław, ul. Pełczyńska 113, hereinafter referred to as “Nordes”, will perform a contractual assembly service of electronic modules, hereinafter referred to as “Modules”.
  2. Any deviations from the GTC require written confirmation by both parties.
  3. All Modules will be made according to the IPC-A-610-E standard.

§2. Confidentiality

  1. Both Parties of the Agreement are required to maintain the confidentiality of information, relating to the conditions of the contract.
  2. Nordes undertakes to keep the received technical and technological documentation confidential, that have been disclosed to it by the Buyer, and not to disclose them to third parties without the written consent of the Buyer. The above obligations do not apply to Nordes employees and associates. Unless individual agreements provide otherwise, the period of confidentiality applies to the duration of the contract.
  3. Both parties allows the possibility of signing an individual confidentiality agreement.
  4. The Parties undertake to protect confidential data at least to the same extent and in the same way as the Parties protect their own data of this type.

§3. Technical and technological documentation

The documentation required for the performance of GTC includes:

  1. A list of components (BOM) containing:
    1. Type, value, tolerance, number of component, packaging type, designator.
    2. All parameters of components important for the ordering party.
    3. Preferred producer.
  1. Technical documentation of the PCB containing:
    1. PCB technological data (fulfillment feasibilities can be found on the Nordes page in the PCB tab):
      • Material
      • Board thickness
      • Copper layer thickness
      • Surface coating (HAL leadfree, HAL tin lead, gold)
      • Silkscreen (YES / NO, TOP side, BOTTOM side)
      • Soldermask
      • Dimensions
    2. PCB documentation containing the following layer files (Gerber files):
      • gto – top overlay
      • gts – top soldermask
      • gtl – top layer
      • gbo – bottom overlay
      • gbl – Bottom Layer
      • gbs – bottom soldermask
      • gko – board outline
      • gbp – bottom paste
      • gtp – top paste
      • drr – NC drill
    3. Fiducial marks:
      • The fiducial marks should be on each board – min. 2 per board. They can have a shape of a circle, square or single cross. Leave a min. 1mm space around the point without the soldermask.
    4. PCB dimensions:
      • Maximum panel size for SMD is 500 x 1480 [mm]
      • 5mm margins on longer sides of the panel.
  1. Pick&Place file (coordinates of points, file in format xls, xlsx, txt, csv) containing:
    1. Coordinates of fiducial marks.
    2. Designators (e.g. R15).
    3. Packaging (e.g. 0805).
    4. Coordinates of component center.
    5. Component value (e.g. 10k).
  1. Assembly drawings/pictures (concerning all production stages) in the form of jpg, pdf, png files:
    1. with SMD components, for TOP and BOTTOM layers,
    2. with THT components, for TOP i BOTTOM layers, assembly remarks (gluing, distance assembly, restraint),
    3. mechanical assembly drawings (screwing, riveting, casing assembly)

§4. Orders, time limit for completion

  1. The Buyer will submit written orders (meeting the criteria of these GTC), which will be sent electronically (by email), to the address of the Nordes headquarters.
  2. The Buyer undertakes to provide the following information in the Order :
    1. The number of ordered Modules, however it can not be lower than specified in the offer,
    2. Unit price,
    3. The number of the offer on the basis of which the Order was prepared
  3. After Nordes sends an order confirmation with confirmed completion date, the parties agree, that the contract for the execution of the contractual assembly service of the Modules covered by the order has been enacted.
  4. If the confirmation does not state otherwise, the due date from the offer, on the basis of which the Order was prepared, is valid
  5. In case of any discrepancies between the Order and the Confirmation, the content of the Order ceases to bind the Parties. After the possible acceptance of the content of the Confirmation by the Buyer, Order is valid only in part determined by the Parties.
  6. The order may include the following processes:
    1. purchase of components and PCBs,
    2. SMT and THT assembly,
    3. complementary mechanical assembly,
    4. applying protective coatings,
    5. programming, testing and startup of modules
    6. packing and shipping.
  7. The implementation of GTC may be based on components purchased by Nordes. Nordes commits to attach a list of components used for the order calculation, as a separate file, in xls, xlsx or pdf format, to each submitted offer.
  8. The implementation of GTC may be based on components supplied by the Buyer. In that case, the components should be delivered in the original packaging, taking into account the technological surplus.
    1. components delivered in tape feeders (with min. 30cm lead) with 2% surplus over the amount specified in the documentation (BOM)
    2. components delivered in tape feeders with min. 8mm width
    3. components delivered in stick feeders with 2% surplus over the amount specified in the documentation (BOM).
    4. components delivered in trays with 0,5% surplus over the amount specified in the documentation (BOM),
    5. other components with 1% surplus over the amount specified in the documentation (BOM),
    6. the allowable R factor (twisting / bending) of the PCBs should not exceed 0.25% ( acc. to IPC-TM-650 standard, section 2.4.22)
  9. The implementation of GTC may be based partially on components purchased by Nordes and partially on components supplieded by the Buyer. Paragraphs 7 & 8 should be applied respectively.
  10. Nordes manages storage of components according to FIFO

§5. Delivery terms and payment

  1. The Buyer has the option of picking up the Modules at the Nordes headquarters. If self-pickup is not possible, Nordes undertakes to pack the Modules, in a way that protects them against damage, and to ship them to the address provided by the Buyer. The shipping fee is added to the VAT invoice, according to the information provided in the offer. Unless otherwise stated, a net rate of 20 PLN applies for each carton up to 25kg.
  2. If individual arrangements do not state otherwise in terms of the number of modules to be sent, Nordes will send the entire Order as one shipment.
  3. The document confirming the delivery / dispatch is WZ (delivery note) and, in case of shipping, the waybill of the company responsible for transport.
  4. Documents from paragraph 3 are the basis for issuing a VAT invoice for the ordered service.
  5. Payment terms will be determined individually for each customer, and VAT invoice, attached to the shipment, will be a confirmation of arrangements made.
  6. The Buyer undertakes to settle the amounts due to Nordes, according to the date and method of payment specified in the invoice issued to the Order.
  7. The Buyer can receive an invoice in the following currencies: PLN, EUR, USD.
  8. In case of payment delays, Nordes has the right to charge statutory interests for each day of delay.
  9. Nordes reserves the right to delay the fulfillent of the order in case of events independent of Nordes such as: natural disasters, force majeure hindering the delivery of materials, catastrophes, riots, strikes, warfare or other events, that Nordes has no influence on.

§6. Warranty and liability

  1. Nordes grants a 6-month warranty, calculated from the Modules delivery date to the Buyer. The warranty is granted for the following components of the Order:
    1. performed contractual assembly service
    2. components provided by Nordes
    3. other materials used for assembly.
  2. Nordes shall not be responsible for the quality of material entrusted to perform GTC by the Buyer.
  3. A complaint of any kind may not withhold payments for other, non-complained services/products.
  4. We consider complaints within 14 working days from the date of acceptance.
    In special cases, the execution time can be longer , eg . Because of the availability of components.

§7. Final Provisions

  1. In case of arisen dispute in relation to the order execution according to GTC, the Parties agree to resolve them amicably, and in case of disagreement it shall be settled by common court competent for Nordes seat.