Supply chains in the optimization of logistics processes

The market constantly challenges supply chain managers: it should be faster, more efficient, more flexible, and of course cheaper.

To fulfill the needs of our Clients, we try to meet these requirements. Thanks to efficient logistics we maintain optimal stock levels, which gives us the knowledge when to place new orders, ensuring timely delivery of the right product to a specific location.

Offering our clients the excellent service, we keep ahead of the competition. However, providing services depend on successful purchase and return policy, as well as on the timeliness of deliveries. Even 85% of product value can be generated by BOM value, which indicates how critical is a well-organized and reliable supply chain, thanks to a modern planning system, tailored to services of contract manufacturing.

We are constantly trying to optimize supply chain management in order to satisfy our customers’ needs, regardless of circumstances, by:

  • The level of flexibility
  • Purchasing policy
  • Stock replenishment policy
  • Forecasts and orders fulfillments

Organization of the supply chain is primarily:

  • Proper planning and fulfillment of orders
  • Establishing clear and transparent rules of cooperation (quality requirements, procedures of returns and cancellations and flexibility level focused on the needs of the customer)
  • Implementation of the supply chain and fulfillment of orders

For the supply chain to function efficiently, the following things count:

  • Minimization of stock level and rotation of materials
  • Risk management and reaction to market dynamic
  • Searching for alternative materials sources- cost optimization
  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)

Through such organized supply chain, we make sure that it brings tangible benefits to our clients, such as:

  • Minimizing Client’s potential responsibility for material
  • Reduction of total costs
  • Risk minimization
  • Reducing stock level to a required minimum
  • Reducing a risk in case of a demand decrease
  • Increased flexibility in fluctuating market

We are constantly in contact with our Suppliers, improving the conditions of cooperation, not only on the local market but also on the global one.

Trying to meet the requirements of our Clients, we are expanding the range of our products and services not only in the field of electronics. We focus on quality and technological advancement in every new order.

We strive to provide your products a highest quality level not only by perfect execution of design, supply chain management and assembly, but also by testing, packaging and timely shipping.